Early Christmas for Rocky Zoo animals

Published on 20 December 2019

Otter checking out Christmas present

The animals at Rockhampton Zoo must have made Santa’s ‘nice’ list, because today they received some early Christmas presents!

Rockhampton Region Acting Mayor Cherie Rutherford said she always loves seeing the animals react to the seasonal gifts the zoo staff provide.  

“One of the best parts of Christmas is seeing others receive presents, and I have to say this is definitely the case when watching our animals open their gifts!” Cr Rutherford said.

“The staff at the zoo regularly introduce something new and exciting to the animals’ enclosures as part of their enrichment, however usually during the holidays they take the opportunity to do something festive and extra special, and it’s always a highlight.

“This morning, the animals all received Christmas boxes with their favourite treats inside.

“For the macaques and otters that was mealworms and nuts, and our Wedge-tailed eagle Valkyrie enjoyed her box filled with meat strips.

“The chimps not only received boxes with dried fruit and nuts, they also scored some Santa and Elf hats!  

“All of the presents were prepared by the staff and volunteers at the zoo.

“It is fantastic to see how much our staff care for our great animals, we are very lucky to have this incredible zoo in our community.

“The zoo is open every day over the holidays apart from Christmas Day itself, so make sure you get down to visit before the kids head back to school.”