Council is powering the way to a more sustainable future

Published on 29 June 2023

2023 06 29 Cr Fisher Mayor Cr Kirkland

One of Council’s major renewables projects is one step closer to completion with the installation of solar panels at the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant (GWTP) commencing today.

Mayor Tony Williams said he is pleased to see the progress and is looking forward to the solar power project being completed early 2024.

“Today our contractor GEM Energy Australia has started to install over 2500 panels as part of the project,” Mayor Williams said.

“One of the major expenses for supplying treated water is the cost of electricity, which is why we have taken a proactive approach to invest in a renewable energy source.

“This is a fantastic initiative that will reduce our operational costs through the savings we make by generating our own solar power to support operations at the Glenmore WTP.

“Water pumping and treatment are energy intensive activities, so the new solar system will help to reduce the pressure on the electricity grid.

“This is another great example of Council reducing our long-term operational costs through renewable projects”.

Water and Environmental Councillor Donna Kirkland said that the project aligns with Council’s Sustainability Strategy.

“Council is working towards reducing our emissions and the new solar system will help us to reduce the emissions associated with Council operations and services,” Cr Kirkland said.

“By investing in projects like this one we are taking proactive steps to create a more positive, prosperous future for everyone.

“I couldn’t be more proud to see this project take this important step towards completion.”