Bright future for Rockhampton’s Riverfront

Published on 13 August 2019

Acting Mayor Cherie Rutherford and Cr Drew Wickerson with the Pilbeam Theatre Complex Redevelopment Design Brief.JPG

Rockhampton Regional Council has yet more sensational plans for our riverfront and is putting out the call for those with the imagination and the skills to make them a reality. A new tender is asking for concept designs that would transform the Pilbeam Theatre and surrounding area into a world class vibrant performing arts precinct and community space.

Rockhampton Region Acting Mayor Cherie Rutherford said that as work begins on the new art gallery, and as elements of the Pilbeam Theatre will need to be replaced due to their age, now was the perfect time to explore what could be possible for the area.

“Our region, and particularly the Riverside Precinct, has gone through a remarkable process of change in recent years.

“The addition of the new Art Gallery next to Customs House will cement the area’s transformation into a cultural drawcard.

“It also provides us with an opportunity to take a step back and think about a strategic future for the current Pilbeam Theatre site and how we can make it amazing.

“We are looking at the site as a whole, so that means the theatre, the old gallery building, the car park, Quay Lane and the area near the river itself.

“As well as creating a modernised state of the art Pilbeam Theatre, there is scope there to create stunning public spaces that feed seamlessly into the existing developments further along the river, education and community facilities, and even a conference centre that could bring thousands of people to our region every year.”

Acting Mayor Rutherford said Council was committed to making the Rockhampton Region the best it can be and is not shying away from the big projects needed to make that happen.

“In the past couple of years we have seen the rebirth of Kershaw Gardens, the creation of a first-rate public space at the Riverside Precinct, and a spectacular makeover of Mount Archer.

“We have fought for the creation of a brand new Art Gallery and the South Rockhampton Flood Levee, supported the Rookwood Weir project, and we have no intention of stopping now.

“Whether it’s the opening up of the Fireclay Caverns at Mount Morgan or the reimagining of the Pilbeam Theatre and the area around it, we will continue to seek out and drive the projects that will make our region even better than it already is.

“Our ambitions are big, our plans are grand and the future of the Rockhampton Region is nothing short of outstanding.”