Back to school road safety reminder

Published on 09 February 2022

Cr Smith at a school crossing

With students back in classrooms this week, it’s a timely reminder to drivers to slow down on our roads and pay extra attention in school zones.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams is taking the new school year as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of road safety around schools.

“Although we’ve had some students back for a few weeks now, this week will see an influx of traffic around our schools as the rest of the students join them in the classroom,” Mayor Williams said.

“We know that the beginning and end of the school day can be extremely busy times on our roads so we are encouraging the community to take extra care around these times.

“Coming back after holidays, it’s easy to forget just how busy the roads around our schools can get.

“Road users can help keep roads safe by being extra attentive on our roads, exercising patience, and abiding by speed restrictions in school zones.

“Speed restrictions are there for a reason - to create a safer environment for our school children – so it’s really important road users are aware of, and sticking to, these limits.” 

Infrastructure Councillor Ellen Smith said people should not be complacent when it comes to road safety.

“Some of our youngest and most vulnerable road users are children getting to and from school each day,” Cr Smith said.

“It is up to us as road users to make sure these children are arriving safely at school and at home each day.

“Road safety around schools is everyone’s responsibility, look after your fellow road users as well as our school children this school year.”