Athelstane Range Reservoir Upgrade

Published on 03 April 2024

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South Rockhampton and Gracemere residents are being asked to be mindful of water usage between now and the end of June while one of the Athelstane Range Reservoirs receives an upgrade.

Structural repairs including a full replacement of the reservoir roof will commence on Thursday 4 April, requiring the reservoir to be offline from tomorrow.  

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams is encouraging residents to use water wisely to avoid additional strain on the water supply network.

“Although we should always be mindful of water usage, we are asking residents of South Rockhampton and Gracemere to keep this front of mind while these structural repairs are undertaken at the Athelstane Range Reservoir site,” Mayor Williams said.

“While we have seen a lot less water usage of late with thanks to frequent rainfall, it would only take a short dry spell before we see the usage creep back up.

“With the assistance from residents holding off on unnecessary water usage, this will allow us to successfully carry out the structural repairs in the allocated timeframe.

“Some ways to conserve water during this time including holding off washing your car, watering your garden, or any other outside water activities where possible that can wait until the works are completed. It will all make a significant difference.

“Maintenance of critical infrastructure like our Treatment Plants and reservoirs are essential in enabling us to deliver quality drinking water to the Region, and I thank residents in advance for their support.”