Dog Off Leash Areas

The Rockhampton Region boasts a range of designated dog off leash areas, where your dogs can explore, socialise, and exercise off leash safely and responsibly.

Some of these areas are fenced, while others are larger open spaces that are unfenced. Please keep an eye on your dog, ensure they are always under effective control and make sure your pet stays in the designated area outlined on the map. 

Explore the wide range of dog off leash areas in the region:

Dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy, just like humans. These off leash areas allow your dogs to run, jump, and play - improving their physical and mental well-being. Exercise also reduces nuisance behaviour such as barking and digging.

Code of Conduct

Council has adopted a few simple rules to make your visit to these off leash areas pleasant for you, your dog and other park users:

  • All dogs must have a valid Council registration.
  • Ensure you comply with all signs and boundaries.
  • Always carry a leash. You must leash your dog immediately if aggressive behaviour is demonstrated.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times prior to entering and upon leaving the off-leash areas.
  • Dogs must be under voice or signal control and in sight at all times. If your dog does not respond to commands, they are required to be retrieved and leashed immediately.
  • Monitor your dog's behaviour and ensure it does not cause a nuisance or become aggressive to other people or dogs.
  • Keep your dog in the designated area to avoid destruction of plants, wildlife and other resources in the park.
  • Respect other park users.
  • Clean up after your dog and place waste in the bins provided.
  • Fill in holes your dog digs as they create a safety hazard for others.
  • Dogs must not be off leash within 25 metres of a dog obedience area while classes are underway.
  • Dogs with a history of aggressive behaviour or declared dangerous dogs must be muzzled at all times when in a public place.
  • Dogs excluded from designated areas include regulated Dangerous and Menacing dogs, and female dogs on heat.

Violation of laws are punishable by fines or prosecution.

How does council establish a dog off leash areas?

When establishing dog off-leash areas in the region, Council takes different factors into account. These factors include:

  • Assessing the needs of the local community
  • Evaluating the usage of existing off-leash areas in the surrounding areas
  • Consideration of the anticipated growth of the area
  • Exploring potential future uses of the land

Council's first preference is to designate fenced or secure dog off leash areas to ensure the safety of all park users. However, we also recognise the importance of providing ample open spaces for dogs to run and move freely.

Community consultation plays a significant role in the process of establishing new dog off leash areas. We actively engage with the community in nearby properties to determine the viability of the proposed locations.

If you have suggestions about a suitable dog off leash area, contact Council on 4932 9000 or email