Referral Agency Assessment

Does my application require a Referral Agency Response?

The Queensland Development Code (QDC) regulates siting requirements for single detached dwellings and Class 10 type structures. 

Rockhampton Regional Council has jurisdiction as a referral agency (concurrence) for certain Development Applications for Building Work including:

  • Alternative side and rear boundary setbacks to those within the QDC
  • Alternative front boundary setbacks to those within the QDC
  • Alternative building height provisions to those within the QDC
  • Alternative site coverage provisions to those within the QDC

A Planning Scheme may have ‘alternative provisions’ which provide boundary setbacks that conflict with the Queensland Development Code. Where such provisions exist, then those provisions override the Queensland Development Code. Check the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme for any alternative provisions relating to boundary setbacks.

Your building certifier is required to advise you to refer your application to Council if it is triggered as a referral agency.  Alternatively, you may seek a referral decision prior to lodging any Development Application for Building Work.

For further information, please view our Fact Sheet.

Lodging a Referral Agency application

Once you know your building proposal requires a referral agency response, the following documentation will be required to lodge your referral agency application:

For further information on how to lodge your application, please refer to our Fact Sheet.

Where to lodge your application


 Post:              PO Box 1860, Rockhampton  QLD  4700

 Visit:              Development Advice Centre
                        Level 2, Walter Reid Cultural Centre, Corner Derby Street and East Street, Rockhampton City

                        Customer Service Centre
         Rockhampton Office - City Hall, 232 Bolsover Street, Rockhampton City                   
                        Gracemere Office - 1 Ranger Street, Gracemere                   
                        Mount Morgan Office - 32 Hall Street, Mount Morgan

Lodgement Fees

 View Council's Fees and Charges for Development Compliance - Building.

Assessment Process

The process for assessing an application is legislated under the Planning Act 2016.

Council will assess referral agency applications against required legislation and regulations within the timeframes set by the legislation.  

A referral agency approval may be required when a structure proposed to be built is inconsistent with the requirements of the Queensland Development Code or the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme