Local Law (Repealing) Local Law (No. 2) 2011

Did you know?

Local Law (Repealing) Local Law (No. 1) 2019(PDF, 149KB)  repeals all of the Local Laws from the four previous local governments that have been amalgamated:

  • Fitzroy Shire Council
  • Livingstone Shire Council
  • Mount Morgan Shire Council
  • Rockhampton City Council

These Local Laws have been reviewed to ensure consistency in our approach.

From 1 January 2012 Rockhampton Regional Council will introduce new combined and consistent Local Laws for our region.

Did you know why Council has Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws?

Local Laws are developed and adopted by Council to reflect community needs and ensures the good order and administration of the Rockhampton Region.  Through its Local Laws, Council can establish regulations, approvals with conditions, infringements and penalties.

Subordinate Local Laws provide the detailed information required for the operation of the authorising Local Law.  For example Council can specify the types of animals that require approval, the number of animals permitted at a premise and the minimum standards for keeping particular animals within the Rockhampton Region.

Did you know repealed means Council has officially ended the validity of the previous Local Laws and they can no longer be enforced?

Full details are available in Local Law (Repealing No 2) 2011.

New Local Laws – A consistent approach for our community

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