Local Law 7 (Aerodromes) 2011

Did you know?

Local Law No. 7 (Aerodromes) 2011(PDF, 357KB)  allows Council to regulate the use and operation of the Rockhampton Airport to:

  • Protect the public against risk of injury and the community against damage
  • Ensure that all activities are undertaken in an orderly and safe manner and do not create a hazard to public health or a threat to property
  • Control the public use of the aerodromes to the extent that the use is consistent with the rights, expectations and safety of the local community
  • Protect the obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) and minimising hazards to aircraft
  • Provide for fees and charges, the powers and authority of authorised persons, penalties for breaches of the Local Law, and liability arising out of use of the aerodromes

Subject to civil aviation laws and civil aviation safety laws, Council may regulate the use and operation of the aerodrome by means of signs, notices or markers placed on an aerodrome:

  • Excluding any particular, type or class of aircraft or activity from the aerodrome where the operation is unduly noisy, dangerous or not in the public interest
  • Subject any activity based on the aerodrome to such conditions about the hours and duration of operation
  • Designate a part of the aerodrome where a particular activity may or may not be carried on
  • During specified periods or at specified times, restrict the use by aircraft of the aerodrome for departures, landings, servicing, embarkment or disembarkment of passengers, or transport of freight
  • Restrict the use by aircraft of the aerodrome for training operations on any night or on every night during prescribed hours
  • Prohibit access to, or the use of, the whole or part of the aerodrome by persons, aircraft or vehicles during specified periods or at specified times

Did you know that, while in or on any part of an aerodrome, a person or passenger:

  • Must obey the directions of an authorised person as to their conduct and movements whilst on an airside area
  • Must not enter or remain on an airside area without reasonable excuse or authority
  • Must not bring or leave any property, dangerous goods or materials on an airside area
  • Must not permit to stray or bring an animal on to an aerodrome without the prior approval, except for Assistance Dogs
  • Must not smoke or do any act to procure a naked flame on an airside area
  • May be directed by an authorised person to leave the aerodrome if found committing an offence
  • Must not use a vehicle on an airside area unless authorised by an approval, except for the use of an emergency vehicle

Did you know Council may also designate areas in which a person is or is not permitted to park a vehicle, or cause a vehicle to stand by means of signs or notices?

There is a range of parking options available for airport patrons, from the two minute set down zone, to short term parking, premium long term parking, long term parking and disabled parking bays.  Vehicles must not be left unattended at the front of the terminal.

Full details are available in Local Law No 7 (Aerodromes) 2011.

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