Weed Spray Unit, Splatter Gun and Diesel Knapsack Hire

Weed Spray Unit, Splatter Gun and Diesel Knapsack Hire

Council hires out spray equipment, splatter guns and diesel knapsacks to landholders for the management of invasive plants on private land within the Rockhampton Region.

Weed Spray Unit

Council has one Duel Reel QuikSpray on trailer with a 600L tank and 100m of hose on each reel (retractable by remote control).

Council also has a Duel Reel QuikSpray Unit with a boom, 400L tank and 100m of hose on each reel (retractable by remote control).

Splatter Gun

Unlike other foliar spray methods, the splatter gun is designed to shoot a stream of herbicide, not a spray nor even a splatter. This stream is delivered in a single line out to around five meters, with each line separated by about two meters. The concentration of herbicide is increased, so there is not the normal requirement to wet all the foliage. As a bonus, the total volume of herbicide used is decreased. A 5 litre knapsack is easy to use on horseback, motorcycle or quad, if required.

Splatter guns can be used on lantana.

The benefits:

  • Splatter guns are great for use in forested areas where targeted streams of herbicide can be shot around sensitive native vegetation, sleeping wallabies or nesting birds etc.
  • They are perfect for steep terrain and other difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Splatter guns require less herbicide than conventional foliar spray packs, so this reduces the risk of residual herbicide damage and reduces the impact on the wallet too.
  • When delivered from a five litre backpack, splatter guns are easy to carry and manoeuvre through thick bush.

Diesel Knapsack

Diesel knapsacks are good for controlling small to medium infestations of hard to kill weeds like Rubber vine, Prickly acacia and Leucaena. There are two herbicides commonly mixed with diesel, Access and Starane, both used on a wide variety of weeds. Check product labels for direction for use, PPE, registered weeds and withholding periods.

Diesel soluble herbicide is generally used in four different control methods;

  • Cut Stump - Where the stem or trunk of a weed is cut off close to ground level and the surface then sprayed ASAP so the herbicide is sucked into the remaining stem or trunk through translocation.
  • Basal Bark - This is the process whereby instead of spraying the whole plant you spray a small section of the stem or trunk from the ground up to 45cm depending on species. Some species of larger trees may be treated up to 100cm in accordance with Department of Agriculture and Fisheries fact sheet. Treatment must be carried out around the whole circumference of the plant ensuring the fluid reaches the ground or it may reshoot after time. Note you often have to move tall grass and debris from around the stem or trunk before treatment.
  • Frilling - Cut many small incisions around the base of the trunk with a machete, axe or chainsaw and immediately spray incisions with herbicide, make a few cuts apply herbicide and repeat all the way around the trunk for best results. This method is good for trees with thick, hard bark and larger trees where cutting down is impractical and unnecessary.
  • Overall or Foliar Spraying - This is where you lightly spray the entire plant covering all it's foliage. Generally only used for Cacti (Harrisia cactus, Prickly pear) or Agave supp. (Sisal hemp).
  • Combinations of cut stump, basal bark and frilling can be used together on large hard to kill weeds like Chinee apple and Rubber vine to ensure you get a good kill or success rate.

Diesel knapsacks can be hired on a weekly basis;

  1. Empty
  2. Prefilled with 5L of Access/Starane & Diesel
  3. Prefilled with 10L of Access/Starane & Diesel

Prefilled options are good for smaller jobs around the yard as you get the right amount of poison for the job. this is perfect for controlling Leucaena in your backyard.


Hirers are required to pay hire fees, a bond and submit a signed Application for Hire of Weed Spray Unit/Splatter Gun Form or Application for Hire of Diesel Knapsack Form to Council prior to picking up the spray equipment.

Bookings must be made 2 days prior, and payment must be received before picking up the spray equipment.

Payment options available are; 

  • In person at any of Council's Administration Centres during business hours;
  • Credit Card; or
  • Cheque or money order.

Current fees can be viewed on Rockhampton Regional Council website under Fees and Charges.


 To check availability and to book spray equipment, please contact the Pest Management Unit on 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77.  

  • Council Work Place Health & Safety Policy requires closed in footwear at all times on Council premises. 

  • Hirers that are late for the arranged pickup or return time will be required to book another time and late fees may be applicable.

For further information on Rockhampton Regional Council's Weed Spraying Equipment Hire, please contact Council's Pest Management Unit on 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77.