About your water meter

A water meter registers the amount of water through the connection to your property via an eight digit display. A ball valve is attached at the head of the meter to turn off the water supply to your home for repairs of leaking taps or pipes. The meter also contains a dual check valve designed to protect the water supply by preventing backflow of water into the reticulation system. Only Rockhampton Regional Council’s Fitzroy River Water employees are permitted to maintain and change water meters.

Locating your water meter

The water meter will generally be installed either on the footpath adjacent to the adjoining property or inside your property. Your meter will generally be in a black box approximately 500mm x 225mm x 320mm with a green dimpled lid. However, in some areas the meters are above ground.

Meter maintenance

It is your responsibility to ensure that your meter (box) is accessible. The meter must be at ground level. Please do not fill the area around the meter or cover it with garden beds, trees or shrubs or other matter. Please contact Fitzroy River Water if your meter or meter box is damaged or if you notice water leaking around the meter.

Water meter reads

Water meters are read on a quarterly basis. Residents are encouraged to assist in making this process as efficient as possible by keeping their meter box clear and accessible. If bees or other pests have been sighted in your meter box please inform Fitzroy River Water so they can arrange for their removal. In accordance with Local Laws, dogs should be kept within the property boundaries.

Water billing

Fitzroy River Water reads your water meter and issues Water Usage Notices on a quarterly basis.