Sewer mains

Sewer mains transfer waste water from your home to the sewage treatment plant.

Fitzroy River Water provides sewerage to 30,134 properties (not including vacant land) via 742 km of sewerage collection mains.


Sewer rehabilitation program

Fitzroy River Water is improving the sewerage infrastructure throughout the Region by relining deteriorated and damaged sewer mains across the network. This work will prevent the potential failure of the sewer main and extend its operational life.

Every effort will continue to be made to minimise any impact on residents as the program progresses, however, there may be some temporary impacts such as:

  • Excavation work on the roads and footpaths
  • Potential for noise and dust
  • Construction traffic in your street
  • Fencing of work sites and equipment to ensure community safety
  • Traffic and parking access may be temporarily restricted near the site and
  • Interruptions to the water supply.