Water Contamination

We can all help protect our waterways by not releasing prescribed water contaminants into stormwater, roadside gutters or bodies of water or another place where the contaminant can be reasonably expected to wash, blow, fall or otherwise move into water, a roadside gutter or stormwater drainage. If we do not we may be committing an offence against Section 440ZG of the  Environmental Protection Act 1994

Prescribed water contaminants include pollutants such as:

  • Chemical or waste containing a chemical,
  • Animal matter,
  • Ash, clay, gravel, sediment, stones or similar organic or inorganic material,
  • Building and construction material including concrete,
  • Oil,
  • Paint or water used for diluting or cleaning equipment,
  • Plant matter including lawn clippings, bar, leaves, mulch and sawdust,
  • Waste and waste water generated from indoor and outdoor cleaning,
  • Waste water from washing machines,
  • Waste and waste water generated from servicing and repairing vehicles,
  • Waste water including backwash from swimming pools, condensate from air compressors, water from air-conditioning or cooling systems and waste water from grease traps.

For a complete list of prescribed water contaminants, refer to Schedule 10 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019

Complaints can be made by contacting Council's Customer Service Centre on 07 4932 4000 or 1300 22 55 77.

What Council will do

To respond to a complaint Council will require your name and contact details, an address for the location of the alleged release, and detailed information on the nature of the release.

Council will assess the nature of the complaint and investigate the complaint to decide a course of action.

For more information contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 07 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77 or refer to the Stormwater Factsheet(PDF, 4MB) .