Get Ready: Make a Plan

A Household Emergency and Evacuation Plan is a hardcopy or electronic document that is designed to keep you and your household members connected and safe during by ensuring that everyone in your household knows exactly what to do if a disaster occurs. You might want to involve your neighbours in developing your plan - neighbours who are elderly or have special needs may need your assistance. Equally, neighbours may also provide assistance to your household if required.

Everyone's plan is different and based on their local risk and household needs. However, generally your plan should include:

  • Contact details for
    • Household members
    • Emergency services
    • Trusted neighbours
    • Local and out-of-town emergency contacts
  • Medication lists and dosages
  • Locations
    • Utilities
    • Emergency and evacuation kits
    • Safe meeting point
  • Vehicle and household information including
    • Registration
    • Insurance
  • Checklists for what to take with you in case of emergency, including a list of important documents