Prepare a Pet Emergency Kit

Disasters Happen

Disasters can cause severe disruption and major damage to communities and property. They can be unpredictable and result in hazardous conditions for your family including your pet.

In recent times, our community has endured floods, bush fires and a cyclone! When you prepare for disaster, don’t forget your pet!

Ensure your pet’s microchip information and dog's registration is up to date in case you become separated from your pet during a disaster.

Prepare your Emergency Plan

Planning ahead before a natural disaster strikes will save you valuable time that could save the life of your pet. Your household’s emergency and evacuation plan should be tailored to the number and type of animals you care for.

There are many things to consider when including pets in your emergency and evacuation plan. See the link to the Disasters Happen - Pet Emergency Kit fact sheet link below for ideas on what to include in your pet emergency kit as well as other important disaster planning information. You should also talk to your vet to see if there are any other considerations they recommend specific to your pet.