Promotional Toolkit

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Community and sporting groups are a vital part of our social fabric. You play an important role in providing services, growing local pride, and keeping our community connected. However people need to know about you and what you do! We want to help your organisation not just survive, but thrive. The more people know about your group, the more people can get involved, donate, or join as members. More supporters means you can make more of an impact, which is good for everyone in our region.

There are hundreds of ways to get the word out about your group. In this guide you’ll find information on building a social media presence, making a website, getting into the local media, and using word of mouth. You’ll also find a list of existing free Council tools you can use to promote your organisation.

Download the free kit by clicking below. 

Promotional-Toolkit-Start-Pack-Community-Connections.pdf(PDF, 2MB)