Reef 2050 Plan


The Reef 2050 Plan is Australia’s overarching strategy to improve the Reef’s health and resilience by delivering coordinated local, national and global action in key areas.

The Australian and Queensland governments are committed to protecting the Great Barrier Reef and we all need to work together to address the challenges it faces.

Vision for the Reef in 2050: The Great Barrier Reef is sustained as a living natural and cultural wonder of the world.

The Reef 2050 Plan has 5 priority areas for action:

  • Limit the impacts of climate change by contributing to global efforts to reduce emissions and supporting the Reef and communities to adapt.
  • Improve water quality by working with landholders, industries and communities to accelerate action to reduce the impacts from land-based activities.
  • Reduce impacts from water-based activities by strengthening partnerships with Reef industries and delivering strong marine park management.
  • Influence the reduction of international sources of impact to reduce marine debris entering the Reef from outside Australia and protect migratory species.
  • Protect, rehabilitate and restore Reef habitat, species and heritage sites by minimising impacts from disturbances and assisting with their recovery.

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