Rocky takes the First Step toward an E-Scooter Trial

Published on 23 March 2021


Rockhampton Regional Council has today resolved to call for Expressions of Interest for an e-scooter trial in Rockhampton.

Advance Rockhampton Executive Manager Greg Bowden said the trial had the potential to unlock some really positive benefits for the community and the region. E-scooters offer an alternative for people to get out of their cars and they promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

“E-scooters are already a fixture in major regional and metropolitan cities in Australia and across the world and we are confident the success we’ve seen in those areas can be replicated here, ” Mr Bowden said.

“E-scooters have the potential to be a key economic growth tool by making it easier for people to connect between our business and leisure precincts, such as going to and from the CBD to our sporting precincts, CBD to Stockland, the suburbs to cafes and restaurants. They will also build a better connection to and from CQ University.

“They will make it easier for residents and visitors to get around and see more of the sights Rockhampton has to offer and, for commuters, it gives them another public transport option. Fewer cars on the road especially those short trips gives us a sustainability outcome as well.

“Data sharing with e-scooter providers will also offer an opportunity for council to utilise the data in planning future needs for footpaths, bike lanes and walking paths across the city.”

Some key statistics gathered include:

  • 83% of users said they use e-scooters to visit restaurants, cafes and generally to explore the city.
  • 56% of e-scooter trips replaced a car trip.
  • 14% of trips taken would not have happened if an e-scooter was not available.
  • An e-scooter ride is 65 times more energy efficient than a car trip.
  • Demographic data from one city shows that they provide an opportunity for all age groups to benefit from e-scooters
    • 18 to 24 - 20%
    • 25 to 34 – 34%
    • 35 to 44 – 20%
    • 45 to 54 – 17%
    • 55+ - 9%

“From here, we will now call for Expressions of Interest from e-scooter companies with a view of calling for tenders for a six-month trial,” Mr Bowden said. 

“At this stage it’s too early to talk about the footprint or number of e-scooters we’d have on the footpaths but any trial would also have direct economic benefits including permanent staff to run the day-to-day operations as well as casual mechanics and operations staff.

“We have had significant interest from operators so now we will call for the EOIs and we look forward to getting a trial up and scooting later this year."