Pause on Paintback disposals

Published on 12 January 2022


Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling has had to put a brief pause on accepting unwanted paint disposals at the Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility (LCRWMF).

Waste and Recycling Councillor Shane Latcham said the wait should only be a week or two, and the community will be updated once there’s more information.

“Unfortunately recent weather events and resulting road blockages have meant that collections haven’t been able to go ahead and our disposal area is overloaded.  

“Unwanted household paint is normally accepted for free at the LCRWMF and then recycled as part of the national ‘Paintback’ program, which we’re proud to be part of.

“It won’t be long until we’re able to accept disposals again, and in the meantime, if you have any unwanted paint we ask that you continue to store it in a safe area until the service can start again.

“Last year Paintback announced that residents in our region had helped divert more than 75,000 kg of unwanted paint and packaging from Australian landfill and vital waterways as part of this program.

“It’s a great initiative and a service that we’re committed to continuing to provide.

“Keep an eye on Council’s Facebook page to find out when we’re accepting disposals again, but we’re expecting the issue to be resolved within the next couple of weeks.”