Food Safety Week – Are you prepared?

Published on 11 November 2021

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You may think you are prepared when it comes to natural disasters - but have you ever thought about the affects a disaster would have on food safety in your home?

As part of Australian Food Safety Week 13 -20 November 2021, Rockhampton Regional Council is urging the community to reduce their risk of food poisoning, especially after natural disasters, by being prepared.

Planning and Regulation Councillor Grant Mathers said many cooks will attest that when it comes to most meals, preparation is key - and the same can be said for food safety.

“This year’s theme ‘Food safety – be prepared’ is really aimed at building resilience in the community,” Cr Mathers said.

‘We are facing a potentially turbulent disaster season with an increased risk of bushfires, floods and cyclones – all with the potential to cause major power outages.

“Now is the time to take stock of what you might need in your emergency kit, and this includes water and food!

“Pack enough non-perishable food and water to last at least three days – in case you lose  power, or if you need to leave your home.

“Remember to store food that you know your family will eat - fussy kids are no fun in an emergency - and that any dietary needs are catered for.

“If you are able to stay in your home and you experience any temporary interruption to power, you need to check that your fridge is consistently running at 5 degrees or below to stop the growth of most food poisoning bacteria.

“If you are cooking, use a cooking/meat thermometer - it won’t do any good if your thermometer never leaves your kitchen drawer!

“Check that high risk foods such as poultry, mince, sausages, hamburger patties, leftovers and rolled roasts reach at least 75°C or above in the centre.

“There is also great benefit in doing food safety training – not only in preparation for a disaster, but also for healthy food preparation in general.

“We would love to see everyone in the community take a basic food safety course and learn more about food safety.”

Access Council’s free food safety training here:

Head to Council’s Emergency Dashboard and download your Emergency Guide here:


Learn more about food safety and test your knowledge and take the food safety quiz on the Food Safety Information Council website