Non-Payment of Other Infringements

Where another infringement, such as an Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act, Public Health Act, Food Act, Environmental Protection Act or local law infringement notice is issued to a person and no action is taken within the 28 day period provided for payment, a reminder notice is issued to the person.

When a reminder notice is issued, Council allows another 14 days to make full payment.

If no payment is received by the due date then Council will forward the matter to State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) for recovery and further costs may be incurred. 

If you do not pay your infringement, SPER may take any of the following actions:

  • Suspend your driver's licence, or your ability to obtain a driver's licence,
  • Give a Fine Collection Notice to your bank ordering the transfer of money from your account,
  • Give a Fine Collection Notice to your employer ordering the deduction of money from wages,
  • Give an Enforcement Warrant to an Enforcement Officer to seize and sell your property,
  • Give an Arrest and Imprisonment Warrant to a Police Officer.

For more information visit State Penalties Enforcement Registry or phone 1300 365 635.