2023-2024 Operational Plan

2023-2024 Operational Plan(PDF, 7MB) | Adopted 4 July 2023 | Updated 14 May 2024 

The Operational Plan is an annual document which outlines actions Council will undertake for the financial year in accordance with the adopted Budget. These actions directly align to Council’s 2022-2027 Corporate Plan(PDF, 6MB) goals and efforts. The Operational Plan highlights Council’s key focus areas and priority actions for the 2023-24 financial year. The Operational Plan key focus areas are:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility/Financial Sustainability
  2. Community Needs
  3. Economic Development and Future Growth
  4. Infrastructure Planning

Operational Plan Progress Reports

Quarterly reports are presented to Council that measure and document the progress towards the achievement of the adopted actions. Targets have been set for each action within the Operational Plan. A quarterly performance report on each Commercial Business Unit’s annual performance plan is also carried out.

2023-24 Reports

Quarter 1 (July 2023 - September 2023)(PDF, 21MB)
Quarter 2 (October 2023 - December 2023)(PDF, 3MB)
Quarter 3 (January 2024 - March 2024)(PDF, 3MB)