Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme

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Rockhampton Regional Council has resolved to adopt the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme, a new planning scheme for our local government area. The Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme is Council’s most important tool for guiding the Region’s future growth and development. View and search the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme through Council's online planning service, Rock e Plan .

The Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme commenced on Monday 24 August 2015.

Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets have been prepared to assist residents understand the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme.  The information is a general overview only and for full details and applicable planning provisions, please refer to the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme. 

Tables of Assessment Fact Sheet(PDF, 6MB)
Residential Zones Fact Sheet(PDF, 6MB)
Centre Zones Fact Sheet(PDF, 3MB)
Industry Zones Fact Sheet(PDF, 6MB)
Overlays Fact Sheet(PDF, 6MB)
Flood Overlays Fact Sheet(PDF, 3MB)
Bushfire Overlay Fact Sheet(PDF, 3MB)

Making the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme

The process Council used to develop the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme is regulated by the statutory guideline for making or amending a local planning instrument prescribed by the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA).  Drafting the new Planning Scheme included the following steps:

  • Planning Studies: Rockhampton Regional Council started preparing a new planning scheme in 2010.  To ensure the plans are based on the most up to date information and best planning practice, Council commissioned eight planning studies.
  • Community Consultation (BE HEARD): In 2010 Council held initial community consultation through the BE HEARD project which gathered community input to inform both the new Planning Scheme and the Community Plan for the Region.
  • Draft Strategic Framework: Community feedback, the adopted Community Plan, current planning schemes, Council policy direction and all relevant planning studies were used to inform the drafting of the Strategic Framework; a long term (25 years plus) strategic land use planning document for this  local government area.
  • Community Consultation (Strategic Directions): In November 2012, Council carried out preliminary consultation on the Strategic Directions document which outlined the strategic intents from the draft Strategic Framework.   The feedback gained was used to continue to draft the planning scheme.
  • Draft Planning Scheme: Throughout 2013, drafting continued to produce the first complete version of the full planning scheme to be sent for first State Interest Check. Throughout the planning and preparation of the proposed planning scheme, Council has liaised with state agencies to ensure that state interests are identified and integrated into the drafting. Preparing the draft planning scheme involves conducting internal checks, testing and a review process to ensure that all parts reflect the strategic framework directions and is a consistent and user friendly document.
  • First State Interest Check: Council resolved on 28 October 2013 to send the draft planning scheme for the continuing Rockhampton Region for State Interest Review. 
  • Formal Public Notification and Community Consultation: The formal consultation period for the proposed Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme commenced Monday 7 July 2014 and concluded Friday 12 September 2014.
  • Response to Submissions and potential amendments: On 27 January 2015, Council resolved to submit the proposed Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme to the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning for final review.  Council also resolved to provide written responses to all submissions received during the public consultation period by the end of February 2015.
  • Final Drafting and Council Adoption: Upon receiving advice from the Minister, on 11 August 2015 Council formally resolved to adopt the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme commencing on and from Monday 24 August 2015.

Superseded Planning Schemes

The Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme replaces the Fitzroy Shire, Mount Morgan Shire and Rockhampton City Planning Schemes. The Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme deals with new development and will not change established land use rights.  Development applications submitted after the adoption of the new planning scheme can be requested to be assessed by Council under the provisions of previous relevant planning schemes for a period of 12 months.

View the Superseded Planning Schemes .