SmartHub Operational Plan 2021-2023

Photo of Customs House taken at Sunset

The vision of the SmartHub is to be the home of entrepreneurs (people in business) and to provide all the resources required for business success.

Since the conception of the SmartHub in 2016, attention has been focused on laying firm foundations and activating the local ecosystem.

In order to further build the region's economy, increase jobs and stay abreast of the various changes in the world, the focus for the future will be on fortifying the local innovation ecosystem and implementing innovation-based initiatives.

Strategic Objectives 2021 - 2023

1. Encourage and facilitate the creation of new commercial enterprises in the Rockhampton Region; and
2. Encourage new and existing businesses to show growth, viability, sustainability and profitability, through the adoption of innovation and technology, as well as participation in the region's innovation ecosystem.

For more information on SmartHub's story and the initiatives being implemented over the next three years to achieve the strategic objectives, download a copy of the SmartHub Operational Plan 2021-2023(PDF, 2MB).