Smart Regional Centre

Rockhampton’s journey to being a smart regional centre commenced with the launch of the Smart Way Forward strategy.

This strategy builds on Rockhampton’s strengths to make industries competitive and the region more attractive for residents, tourists and the region’s youth. The Smart Way Forward strategy has a focus on Rockhampton’s economy, built and natural environments. It is a whole of Council process designed to achieve the vision of “One Great Region”. Implementation is managed at the executive level to ensure integration and coordination.

The economic objectives of Smart Way Forward are simple: support local businesses and boost jobs. These objectives are being achieved by:

• Providing support for start-up businesses
• Reducing the cost of reliable broadband
• Providing access to data to help entrepreneurs make better business decisions
• Encouraging students to develop an interest in the skills that businesses need
• Providing information about innovation relevant to industry
• Encouraging visitors to spend more in the economy
• Marketing the region domestically and internationally.

These objectives are being delivered through the following key economic development actions:

1. Establishing a Smart Hub on the riverfront in Quay Street
2. Providing low cost space for education providers to enable Smart Hub clients to be digitally ready
3. Working with business and peak bodies to provide a stream of real-world problems to Smart Hub clients
4. Establishing mechanisms to trial Smart Hub innovations
5. Leveraging Council’s scale to bring affordable, reliable internet connectivity to our region
6. Establishing, in partnership with community stakeholders, a competition for students to gain an interest in the skills of tomorrow
7. Establishing a Rockhampton Smart Regional Centre brand to disseminate information and promote innovation
8. Installing smart billboards promoting local attractions and what’s on in the region
9. Creating a mobile application to promote the Visit Rockhampton Region brand internationally.