Tourism and Events - Destination Rockhampton

 The Rockhampton Region is a destination for a variety of reasons. Key markets for the region include:

  • Health, education and retail: Rockhampton is a regional centre providing health, education and retail services to central and outback Queensland
  • Military: the City is a logistics and forward deployment base for Shoalwater Bay Training Area based exercises, with both foreign and domestic service people visiting the region
  • Visiting friends and relatives: with a population exceeding 80,000, many people visit Rockhampton to be with friends and relatives. Visits to friends and relatives normally include leisure activities with the benefits to the economy that this provides
  • Leisure/Holiday: the Rockhampton Region offers a rich and diverse range of natural, cultural and adventure experiences
  • Business: people travelling to Rockhampton to provide business services and attend meetings, conferences and exhibitions
  • Travelling public: Rockhampton is midway in the journey from the south to the north of the State. The City provides a convenient place to stop and rest for the travelling public and is a popular stop for “Grey Nomads”
  • Major events: Rockhampton hosts a range of community and commercial events. These events build on the natural strengths and unique attributes of the Region, celebrating its history, creativity, industry and role as the capital of Central Queensland.

Rockhampton Regional Council has a direct operational interest in tourism through its ownership and operation of Rockhampton Airport and major attractions including the Rockhampton Zoo and Botanic Gardens, Regional Art Gallery and Heritage Village. Council also has an interest in the operation of Archer Park and Mount Morgan Rail museums and a substantial investment in signature events including Rockhampton River Festival, Wholly Cow Month and the Secret Sunday series of events.

Contributing nearly 2,100 full time equivalent jobs to the region, tourism plays an important part in Rockhampton’s economy and development. As both the cultural and economic impacts of the sector increase, Council is playing a greater role in tourism planning, infrastructure provision, marketing and promotion, and major events attraction and promotion. Key tourism actions include:

  • Deliver tourism and events under the auspice of “Destination Rockhampton”
  • Appoint a Tourism Officer with responsibility for tourism planning, development, marketing and promotion         
  • Develop a Rockhampton Tourism and Events Strategy
  • Work with the airlines to increase seat capacity and routes
  • Progressively implement the Mount Archer Activation Master Plan
  • Progressively implement the Rockhampton Recreational Fishing Development Strategy
  • Investigate opportunities to improve infrastructure and amenities for motorhomes and recreational vehicles
  • Provide improved roadside signage and visitor information on the entrance to Rockhampton and Mount Morgan.