International Relations and Trade

With the Rockhampton Region at its eastern boundary, the north of Australia is seen as the future of the nation.
It covers more than 40 per cent of Australia’s land mass and contains up to 17 million hectares of arable soil, around 60 per cent of the nation’s water and 90 per cent of Australia’s gas reserves.
By 2050, an extra three billion people across Asia will have living standards similar to those in Australia today.
These people increasingly demand quality food, reliable energy and minerals supply, world’s best education opportunities and premium travel experiences.
Rockhampton and Central Queensland has competitive advantages, opportunities and existing capacity in each of these areas. Relationships built on friendship, trust and mutual benefit are the cornerstone to building a solid reputation and attracting investment and trade.
The Australia Government has enacted free trade agreements with China, Singapore, Japan and Korea.
These agreements arouse and focus interest, with new trade opportunities resulting. With competition strong however, Rockhampton can’t rely on these agreements alone and that is why Council is taking a strategic and focused approach to international engagement,
proactively building awareness and seeking opportunities for the region.
Rockhampton has longstanding relationships with Singapore and our Japan Sister City – Ibusuki, on which to build our ties to Asia. With China’s economy growing from 2 to 13 percent of the global economy in the last 20 years, opportunities abound to build trade and investment partnerships with Southern China. Council will also foster relations with South Korea with a focus on tourism and

Working in partnership with Austrade, Trade and Invest Queensland , Rockhampton Regional Council will develop international markets and attract investment by:

  • Appointing an Industry Champion to lead Rockhampton’s development as an international trade and investment destination
  • Providing a key point of contact for international investment and trade opportunities
  • Leading a Mayoral Business Delegation to Singapore and China
  • Entering into a Friendship City Agreement with Zhenjiang China
  • Promoting and hosting international government and trade delegations
  • Examining opportunities to promote trade and investment with South Korea
  • Developing an international economic and investment prospectus in Mandarin, Korean