Health Care and Social Assistance Services

Rockhampton has well established health care and social assistance services.
Serving an area spanning 20% of Queensland, the Rockhampton Hospital is one of regional Queensland’s leading health facilities. Public health facilities are supported by two leading Private Hospitals offering specialised and allied health services. Combined, the sector contributes:
  • $575 million to total economic output (5.7 %) 
  • $439 million (9.2 %) of total value-added
  • 5,355 jobs (16.0 %) to total employment
  • $365.512 million (14.5 %) to total wages and salaries paid within the Rockhampton Region 
With approximately 7.5 percent average annual growth, it is Rockhampton’s fastest growing industry sector. The advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) involves a large scale expansion of personalised service delivery to the disabled. The NDIS will become available in Rockhampton, Gladstone and west to the borders from 1 January 2018.
As at Census 2011, Rockhampton had 3,745 residents with a profound or severe disability. For the broader NDIS region, there are 8,687 residents with profound or severe disabilities.

Responsibility for the provision, regulation and management of health care and social assistance services predominately rests with State and Federal Governments. Council has a role in promoting Rockhampton as a specialist Health Care and Social Assistance Services Centre and in providing planning and development incentives for the clustering of enterprises within the Rockhampton health services precinct. In fulfilling these responsibilities, Rockhampton Regional Council will develop a strategy incorporating:

  • Promotion of Rockhampton as a leading Regional Health and Social Services Centre
  • Planning and Development incentives supporting investment attraction
  • Adoption of an NDIS Strategy
  • Working with Central Queensland University & other education and training providers to develop the skills required to service the sector
  • Improved air access through new and expanded east west routes and seat capacity.