Education and Training

Skilled, innovative and dynamic people are needed if Rockhampton is to realise its true economic and social potential.
Highly regarded for the depth and diversity of its teaching, research, and Vocational Education and Training (VET) activities, Rockhampton boasts world-class education facilities including 18 private schools, 22 state primary, four state high schools and Central Queensland University, Queensland’s only dual-sector university.
There are opportunities to exploit Rockhampton’s reputation for world-class education and training, and promote our services and location to both national and international markets. To achieve this, Rockhampton Regional Council will take a two-tiered approach to supporting the development of the sector.

Boarding Schools 

Rockhampton offers a range of private day and boarding schools with nationally recognised academic, cultural and sporting records.

In addition to their academic endeavours, these schools provide significant economic and cultural benefits through the employment of staff, the purchase of goods and services, visitation by friends and relatives and integration into cultural and social lives - forming lifelong associations and bonds.
Rockhampton Regional Council will support the development and viability of the regions boarding schools by:
  • Forming a Rockhampton Region Education Cluster
  • Completing a Rockhampton Region Boarding School Economic and Market Analysis
  • Facilitating joint initiatives and activities to promote Rockhampton, and the Schools within the city, as a world-class education hub
  • Promote the involvement of private boarding students into local cultural and social activities.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary education in Australia is becoming highly competitive and geographically deregulated.

Rockhampton has a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Central Queensland University. The opportunity exists to engage with other tertiary education providers to attract investment and development, and provide increased choice and course offerings, with a focus on building education activity within the CBD.

To achieve these objectives, Rockhampton Regional Council will:

  • Incorporate education into the CBD Framework
  • Develop further planning and development incentives to attract new tertiary education investment within the CBD
  • Engage with Central Queensland University and other tertiary education institutions on the development of a University Campus/Precinct within the CBD
  • Attract additional international students through the Study Rockhampton initiative.