Advance Rockhampton Economic Action Plan

There are many ingredients required to create a strong and diverse economy. A vibrant and innovative business sector is a must, as is financial support from State and Federal Governments.
Tying all this together must be a Council with a vision and a desire to make things happen. Too often local government sees its role simply as an advocate and not as an enabler. While I will never walk away from fighting for our fair share from other levels of government, this Economic Action Plan(PDF, 4MB) lists the things that we control to make things happen. It’s a plan for growth that I would like myself and our entire Council to be judged against.
No other region has a Council that is as unified to capitalise on growth in the traditional and innovative industries to create economic opportunities and an unrivalled lifestyle as Rockhampton.
In October 2015, Council launched the Rockhampton Region Economic Development Strategy. This strategy provides our region with a map to achieve growth and economic prosperity. Now it is time for Council to set a clear example on the things we can get moving. I am confident by providing this, catalyst support from other levels of government and a positive attitude within our community will flow.
My Council is united in its vision for our region and we want to be accountable on the things that we control. This Action Plan(PDF, 4MB)  outlines what we will do as a Council to generate economic activity. It identifies 10 broad areas for growth and the actions we will take to achieve against all of them.
We recognise that Governments create successful business environments - not successful businesses. This is best achieved through prudent policy and planning, investment in the right infrastructure to get things moving, regulation that minimises business impact, skilled people, and basic research needed to identify economic opportunities.
Council is leading the push to develop our region through the initiatives of Advance Rockhampton and Destination Rockhampton; this plan(PDF, 4MB) outlines how we will do it. My commitment is to build on our success to create an economic environment that encourages and rewards innovation and attracts the investment and people needed for a prosperous future. We invite you to play your part with us.

Rockhampton Region Mayor 

Margaret Strelow

Advance Rockhampton Economic Action Plan(PDF, 4MB)