Economic Development Strategy

Rockhampton Regional Council, with the assistance of RPS Australia, is planning for our Region's future through the development of the Rockhampton Region Economic Development Strategy(PDF, 7MB).  This document, the first comprehensive approach to economic development ever completed for our community, maps out a vision for growth and economic prosperity that will drive our community forward and create many more jobs across the region.

The report evaluates our challenges and advantages, with a focus on guiding the actions, initiatives, policies and necessary investments that must be pursued by the Rockhampton community over the next five years.  It provides direction on next steps by identifying high medium and low priority opportunities within six broad Economic Development Programs:

  • Agriculture and Food Industry Growth and Diversification
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Education and Skills
  • Small Business Development
  • Urban Rejuvenation
  • Transport, Logistics and Manufacturing Promotion

Importantly, execution of this strategy will require the participation and collaboration of a wide range of partners.  Very few of the identified initiatives have a single proponent and even these will require extensive consultation with other stakeholders.  This is very much a full community effort.  It will take time, many initiatives will require substantial additional work to develop to the point of implementation, and importantly the strategy must be viewed as organic and therefore capable of evolving as needed in response to changing opportunities, resourcing and forces beyond our control. 

Click here to view the Economic Development Strategy Summary Report that was adopted by Council on October 27, 2015.(PDF, 4MB)