Starting a club

Step One: Initial Meeting

An initial meeting should be called with potential members to discuss and identify the need for the club. Items for discussion include:

  • Need – is the club actually needed, are there other clubs in the area, is there a call for additional clubs, are there enough potential members?

  • Development – if there is a need how will the club get started? What steps are going to be taken to ensure the early success of the club?

  • Facilities – how will the club obtain facilities, can it use existing facilities, what are the costs of developing the facilities and how will these be funded?

Ensure there is a clear agenda for this meeting so that it goes efficiently and effectively. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to discussions. 

Step Two: Get in touch with relevant organisations

Before starting your club you should discuss your intentions with the sport or activity’s governing body, Rockhampton Regional Council and Queensland Government’s Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing.

These organisations may provide advice, guidance or alternative suggestions on your proposal.

Step Three: Create a Constitution

A constitution sets the rules by which the Club will operate. It is a legally binding document and is registered with the Office of Fair Trading. The Office of Fair Trading provides a template for constitutions referred to as the Model Rules.

Step Four: Setup an Incorporated Association

An incorporated association has the same powers, benefits and responsibilities as a person, but is legally separate from its members, this means:

  • That the committee makes the decisions
  • The association is legally liable for these decisions
  • Individuals on the committee, as long as they act in good faith, aren’t personally liable

Call a general meeting, at least seven (7) members need to be present, and agree to become an Incorporated Association, adopt the constitution, agree on a club structure and elect the committee.

Step Five: Lodge an application with the Office of Fair Trading

In order to finalise the process of becoming an Incorporated Association the newly formed committee must lodge an application with the Office of Fair Trading.

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