Management Committee

The basic requirements of a management committee are to ensure it operates lawfully and to uphold, review and amend its constitution. The members of the management committee have the same responsibility as company directors in the community organisation’s governance.

What makes a management committee great?

  • A thorough understanding of roles and responsibilities of committee members
  • Having a thorough understanding of financial management and reporting its position to the members
  • Meeting legislative requirements, including the reporting requirements required by the Office of Fair Trading
  • Develop sound operating procedures and plans to guide committee actions
  • Be transparent and accountable
  • Run effective and efficient meetings
  • Excellent communication between committee members, members, state sporting bodies, Rockhampton Regional Council and Department of National Parks Environment and Science
  • Make all members feel welcome and empower club members to do the same
  • Establish a pool of volunteers that are willing to help out with club tasks
  • Instigate a reward and recognition program for volunteers

Don’t forget that the management committee needs to meet all legislative requirements and act lawfully, to do this:

  • Develop and implement strategic directions, policies, procedures and annual budgets
  • Manage club resources, membership and records
  • Regularly communicate with members and supporters

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