Parks, Reserves and Sport Facilities Naming

The naming of parks, reserves and sport facilities provides an opportunity to honour individuals and groups for contributions and achievements that deserve recognition.  It also presents an opportunity to emphasise important landmarks, geographical features or history that may be more relevant.  

The naming of parks, reserves and sport facilities may arise either at the instigation of Council, or the community, for existing unnamed parks, reserves or sport facilities or as a result of a new park, reserve or sport facility being constructed as part of Council works or residential development.

 Nominated names are to come from the following categories:

  • Suggestive of the peculiarity of a geographical feature, eg. shape, vegetation;
  • Aboriginal names; the relevant Aboriginal authority
  • Locality history, cultural or local significance;
  • A name of early explorers, pioneers, settlers;
  • Recognising the contribution of an individual or organisation either in financial or services to the community;
  • Recognising an individual who has high achievement in their field of expertise at a national level or higher; or
  • A name of a sporting champion/personality may be given to sport facilities that are used for the sport in which they excelled or contributed.

Community members can submit naming ideas for consideration by emailing or mailing PO Box 1860, Rockhampton Qld.  The submission must outline the relevant information pertaining to the name chosen, name/s they have selected and the exact location of the park, reserve or sport facility.


Park Naming Proposals open for Community Feedback: