From association to incorporation

Step One: Get a Common Seal

This is a rubber stamp that legally identifies your association and provides proof of your association’s name on legal documents.

The seal itself must include the words ‘Common Seal’, the association’s full name and the word ‘Incorporation’ or its abbreviation ‘Inc”.

Step Two: Open a bank account

The newly formed incorporated association will need to open an account with a financial institution, the account must be in the name of the association and kept in a Queensland branch of the financial institution. 

Signatories will need to be appointed to the account (via a Committee Meeting or General Meeting), these members will have the authority to sign cheques on behalf of the association.

Make sure at least one (1) of the signatories must be the president, secretary or treasurer.

Step Three: Insure your association

Public liability insurance can help protect the association’s assets. It is imperative that the association holds public liability insurance if it needs to pay damages for an incident on the association’s property or any actions the organisation may take. The Queensland Government provides more information on why you need public liability insurance.

If you use Council owned land you will require a minimum of $10 million public liability insurance. If you use state owned land (whether or not it’s controlled by Council) you will require $20 million public liability insurance.

Step Four: Transfer property

Your incorporated association is a legal entity and any property of the association should be transferred to the newly incorporated association, this includes assets, liabilities, rights and legal proceedings.

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