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School Tours 

We can cater for school tours from Prep and above. Our tours are catered to match in with the school learning curriculum and can be customised to suit your learning requirements. 

We offer vintage car rides to show the difference between transport now and then and even a stage coach ride.  Take a walk through one of our cottages which are over 100 years old where the living conditions were very different to the creature comforts we have now!  
Finish off your trip with a farmyard animal experience where you can hand feed different breeds of goats, sheep, miniature horse and even our Clydesdale horses. 

See below the flyers for School Tours:

Guided tours start from $10 per person and go for three hours. Arnold's Cafe is available to cater for your morning tea or lunch requirements, alternatively bring your own lunch. 

Please note, the maximum group booking is 80 students.  

To make a booking, contact us on Phone | 07 4936 8681 or Email |



Tram Tours 

For groups of 10 or more, we can conduct a Tram Tour of the Rockhampton Heritage Village.  Ideally suited for senior tours as you can sit back and relax in or comfortable Tram and take in the sights and stories from around the village.  This jump on and off tour, gives you the flexibility to jump off at scheduled stops and explore on foot, or stay on the Tram and continue the tour.  

We can customise this tour to suit your interests, or you can sit back and relax, and let us show you the highlights. 

Tram tours start from $7 per person and go for two hours.  Afterwards, we recommend you stop for a cuppa at Arnold's Cafe! 

To make a booking, contact us on Phone | 07 4936 8681 or Email |


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