Development Incentives

Construction of The Empire

Development Incentives Policy

The purpose of Council’s Development Incentives Policy is to provide tangible financial and non-financial support for projects with the following land uses:
• Aged Care & Retirement
• Destination Tourism
• Education & Training
• Farm Stay Accommodation
• Medical, Health & Community Services

The Development Incentives Policy seeks to attract and support projects that will deliver great economic benefits to the Rockhampton Regional Council Local Government Area.

The Development Incentives Policy applies to development applications made between 1 August 2017 and 31 December 2019. Projects must be completed within three years of the development application being approved by Council.

This program does not replace the function or application of Adopted Infrastructure Charge Resolution (No. 5) as No.s 2-4 will not be applicable.

Read the 2017 Development Incentives Policy(PDF, 2MB)