Lower Dawson Road, Allenstown (Eastern Side) - Footpath Works

  • Project typeFootpath works
  • Project scheduleWorks will continue until early June 2022

Lower Dawson Road, Allenstown (Eastern Side) - Foothpath Works 

Reconstruction of the parking lane will be carried out on Lower Dawson Road adjacent to O’Shanesy Park. There will be limited parking availability while this work takes place. Possible lane closures and temporary speed reductions will apply.

There will be a partial lane closure on Lower Dawson Road, adjacent to O’Shanesy Park (opposite Wakefield Street), while footpath and parking lane works are completed. This will continue until the end of April 2022. There may be some work days which require a single lane closure on this section of Lower Dawson Road, but traffic can still progress through this section in the other lane.