Construction and Demolition Waste

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Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste includes materials such as; concrete, bricks, soil, asphalt, reinforcing steel mix, tiles and ceramics (toilets/ sinks).

C&D waste typically comes from work on commercial building sites or household renovations.

View the current fees and charges for disposal ONLY at Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility.


Ensure you separate your waste as there are cost savings to be had!

Construction and Demolition waste can be separated into:

  • Clean soil - FREE to dispose
    Does not contain contaminates e.g; concrete, timber, green waste, bitumen, general waste
  • Inert waste - charged per tonne
    These materials ONLY; soil, concrete, bricks, asphalt, reinforcing steel mix
    Inert waste can be either a combination of all these material types or separate.

If any of the above waste types are contaminated with general waste (e.g. product packaging, fibro sheeting, plasterboard, PVC pipe, meal leftovers, timber, green waste etc), the load will need to be buried in landfill and will be charged at a higher rate.


Remember, Scrap Metal and Green Waste are FREE to drop off in their designated areas!