How to Upcycle & Repurpose for Reuse

Upcycled macramé hanging plants

Cut up a t-shirt, drill holes in a sanded piece of timber, insert a clean can or bottle, hang with a curtain loop.

Macrame-pot-plant-ingredients.jpg     IMG_0373-Macrame-pot-plant-holder-construction.jpg

Macrame-pot-plant-example-1.jpg  Macrame-pot-plant-example-2.jpg  IMG_0634.jpg


Upcycled miniature gardens

Find an old jar, pot up a garden, decorate with old toys or pretty ornaments.

 Miniature-garden-with-old-toys.jpg  Miniature-gardens-in-old-jars.jpg


Upcycled art - 3D pictures

Create a picture in an old frame, cut an old toy or object in half, glue it into the picture to make it come alive! 



Repurposed tyre - dog bed


Repurposed tyre - ottoman


Repurposed tyre - hose reel