Plastic Free July - Tips & Challenges

This July, join millions of people reducing their plastic waste - it's a global movement so we we can have cleaner streets, oceans and beautiful communities.


You can email or call Rockhampton Regional Council Customer Service for all your local waste and recycling questions!
Email:  Ph: 1300 22 55 77

For example - "Can you tell me how do I know all the different plastics and how can I identify the single-use plastic??”

There are six major types of plastic and you'll often find a number (from 1 - 6) stamped on the packaging. But the 7th category - called 'other' includes all kinds of different plastic types, from the plastic used to make Lego, to the plastic made from corn (often called bioplastic).

Knowing the type (or number) of plastic is only helpful to us as shoppers when we come to recycle the plastic.Recycling symbols 1 to 7
Here in CQ, we recycle plastics 1 - 7, except for Styrofoam/polystyrene. NOTE: Soft plastics are only recyclable through REDcycle bins at any Coles or Woolworths stores.

You can identify whether something is single-use plastic by asking the question: "was this product or packaging designed for a one-time use"? So a plastic packet of cereal or a plastic bottle of shampoo is considered single-use plastic, as they are not designed to be returned and reused or refilled. However, a plastic chair is not considered single-use because it has been designed to be reused. 


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