Low waste party tips

Understandably a lot more rubbish is generated over holidays or at special occasions like birthdays. Please put the right thing in the right bin, it will really help our staff working throughout this time. Here's some helpful hints:

Give a gift with thought.

Did you know? Tinsel, ribbon and high gloss wrapping paper are not recyclable.

Consider making the wrapping part of the gift – try a tea towel secured with a fancy hair clip!

For more ideas visit Living Sustainably Green gift giving and festivities.


After the party, do the right thing and use the right bin:
  • Use your red-lid general waste bin for; tinsel, ribbon, balloons, sticky tape, plastic straws, disposable plastic cutlery, disposable plastic plates, toys, packaging styrofoam, disposable coffee cups, coat hangers, used tissue and paper towel.
  • Take soft, scrunchable plastics like bubble wrap, cellophane or plastic bags, back to Coles or Woolworths to the REDcycle collection point.
  • Always look for the recycling symbol on moulded plastic containers or packaging, if it’s not there, it’s not recyclable.
    Recycling symbols 1 to 7The only exception is Styrofoam/ Polystyrene - it is not recyclable locally at this stage. Click here for more on recycling right.
No good comes from ‘wish-cycling’.

Old or unwanted toys, clothes and shoes can’t be recycled in the yellow-lid wheelie bin.

Do good by dropping them off for free at a charity or second-hand store like Trendy Trash.


The more the merrier!

Did you know the arm on a garbage truck can only lift up to 85kg? You may need to stockpile your waste and recyclables if you have too much. Try freezing food scraps that you can’t compost, like meat, until your garbage day so your bin doesn’t attract vermin.


Batter(y) to be safe than sorry.

Did you know that household batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9v, button) even if labelled reusable or rechargeable, are not recyclable in the yellow-lid wheelie bin? Even throwing them in your general waste bin isn’t ideal. Batteries can catch fire if damaged or overheated and contain toxic lead, mercury or cadmium.

Store batteries in a box away from heat, out of reach of children and when they’re done, take them to a battery recycler – try ALDI or Officeworks.


Cleaning up for Christmas?

Did you know that you can drop off for free your garden green waste at any of our waste facilities. You can also take a load of mulch home for free to help keep your garden beds cool during summer.

If you have a small amount of lawn clippings/weeds or prunings, you can bag them up and put them in your general waste wheelie bin.

Green waste found in the recycling bin or loose in the general waste bin will mean your bin doesn’t get serviced.

Looking for holiday activities?

Whether you’re in to holiday crafts, homemade gifts, or want to change-up your decorations – our Trendy Trash Store has a wide collection of good condition preloved items at bargain prices, available every weekend over the holidays.

Why not drop off for free your no longer wanted treasures, straight from your car to the store. Then browse inside to collect what you need for your next project!