Green Waste


Green waste refers to vegetation that you have removed from your residence which does not contain chemicals or general waste within it. This could include hedge trimmings, branches, palm fronds, tree trunks and stumps, leaf litter, lawn clippings, weeds, pruning's, pot plants or dead plants.

All of these green waste items can be disposed of for FREE at all of Council’s Waste Transfer Stations, they will be mulched and made available for FREE to residents to self-load. None of these green waste items should be placed in either of your kerbside wheelie bins.

However as lawn clippings and leaf litter are often created regularly and in volume, residents are permitted to dispose of lawn clippings in the general waste wheelie bin and ONLY WHEN BAGGED (or contained somehow).
Bagging of lawn clippings is to prevent them becoming airborne while bins are emptied and ending up as litter on your kerb or posing a risk of allergic reaction to pedestrians.

Ideally you could re-use your green waste in; compost, as a weed deterring and moisture retaining mulch in gardens, as bedding in your chicken coop, as kindling for a cooking fire pit, or try more frequent mowing so there is less volume of clippings which can then be left on the lawn as a mulch.

Free disposal of green waste at all Waste Transfer Stations

It is at the Waste Transfer Station staffs’ discretion to decide if your green waste is contaminated (i.e. includes general waste) and not suitable for recycling into mulch. If this is the case, you may be charged at a general waste rate for the entire load. Please ensure you separate your recyclable items from your general waste.
Customers who reside outside the Rockhampton Region are not eligible for free green waste disposal.

Free mulched green waste

Mulched green waste is available for free to Rockhampton Region residents at all Waste Transfer Stations. Please note;

  • Residents must self-load
  • Residents are limited to a large trailer load or up to five tonnes or 10m3 per project, over this amount may incur a fee - speak with the Supervisor onsite.
  • Mulch is subject to stock level and availability and may require pre-arrangement - contact your nearest Waste Transfer Station to confirm.