drumMUSTER and ChemClear

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drumMUSTER & ChemClear

Both drumMUSTER and ChemClear are national product stewardship programs funded by a 6c per lt/kg levy on participating manufacturers products, collected by AgStewardship Australia Ltd. 

These programs aim to reduce the quantity of unused or obsolete Australian agricultural and veterinary chemicals and their clean, empty metal or plastic containers (>1L/kg, up to 205L/kg) stored on properties and in businesses across Australia - reducing negative impacts on the environment, people and trade in the future.

Using ChemClear ensures that agvet chemical users meet their responsibilities and obligations under any Quality Assurance, Farm or Environmental Management program.

Chemicals and containers eligible for collection for FREE under the program will display the drumMUSTER/ChemClear logo on the container (pictured).

Eligible chemicals are in Group 1 under the program, Group 2 chemicals incur a per lt/ kg fee for disposal - a quote will be provided prior to scheduling collection. 

Chemical holders can register their unwanted AgVet chemicals for collection online or call 1800 008 182.

Products and eligible containers lists are available on the ChemClear website and drumMUSTER website.


Inspection of containers at collection points is necessary to ensure that containers can be safely recycled - refer to Agsafe effective drum rinsing standards.

drumMUSTER collection points are at Gracemere and Bushley Waste Transfer Stations.