Garden organics only trial group



Northside trial participants are located in three neighbourhoods in Frenchville and Koongal.  This group are trialling a Garden Organics (GO) only service. 


Download the Northside collections service schedule calendar(PDF, 954KB) for the GO Trial Area.

Have questions?

Some of the frequently asked questions you will find answers to below, but if you have more questions get in touch.

How does the GO service work?

The Garden Organics (lime green lid) bin is a fortnightly service, collected on the alternate week to the Recycling (yellow lid) bin.  The general waste (red lid) bin will remain a weekly service.

There is no change to the current collection day.

Find out your scheduled collection bin day by typing in your street address on the My Neighbourhood page from the drop down menu on Community and Events page of the Rockhampton Regional Council website.

 When do I get my new bin?


All new bins were initially delivered in the final week of September 2021. The FOGO bin is a 240 litre bin, same size as your other general waste and recycling kerbside bins. The FOGO bin is distinguishable from your other household bins by its lime green lid.

If you are a new resident in the trial area and don't think you have the correct configuration of bins, please contact us to sort it out for you.

Acceptable Materials

The following organic materials are allowed in your GO bin:

  • grass clippings
  • garden weeds
  • leaves
  • fallen fruitl
  • flowers
  • light pruning
  • bark chips
  • twigs and branches (up to 10cm in diameter)
  • palm fronds (cut to fit into the bin)
 All common garden weeds can be put in to our FOGO bin.
Non-acceptable Materials

The following materials are not allowed in your GO bin:

  • general waste
  • recyclable items that go in your yellow lid bin
  • household food waste
  • plastics of any sort
  • biodegradable/degradable plastics
  • soft plastics or plastic bags
  • nappies
  • clothing, fabric or rubber
  • garden hoses, tools or pot plants
  • gravel, dirt, rocks or soil
  • treated timber
  • concrete, glass, metals or building materials
  • chemicals or paint
  • hazardous waste
  • large branches, logs and stumps (larger than 10cm in diameter)
  • deceased animals

If you have large items, such as tree branches or roots, you will need to either drop them off at one of Council’s waste facilities or contact a local garden/waste services provider.

Treated timber is not accepted in the bin as it contains chemicals and adhesives that contaminate compost.

What if I moved house during the trial?

The kerbside bin is assigned to the property and not the individual. If you are moving out of the trial area you should leave your GO bin at the property.

If you are moving into a trial area, please get in touch with the Customer Service Centre and we will organise a visit to explain to you the scheme.

I already home compost so don’t need the GO bin

Excellent! Thank you for doing this – please keep doing it!

However, if you are still continuing to place some of your organic waste that is not suitable for composting in your general waste bin then an organics bin can actually complement your backyard composting - helping you to divert ALL your organic material away from landfill and making sure none of this valuable resource goes to waste.

And remember, this is a trial, so even if you are not presenting your bin every week, or only filling it up with specific eligible items, this is all valuable information for us in evaluating the need and viability of a future whole of community service.

Will I get to keep my GO bin at the end of the trial?

That is not going to be possible unfortunately. Once the trial is complete in September 2022 all participants will be transitioned back to their regular service until such a time as Council is ready to commit to a whole of community roll-out. More information on how this transition will happen will be provided to participants closer to the trial conclusion.

You can contact our Customer Services Centre on 4932 9000 or at to:

FAQs about Garden Organics

What does GO stand for?

GO stands for Garden Organics.  this service is for garden waste only.

How often will my bin be collected?

Your GO (lime green lid) bin will be collected fortnightly on your normal collection day, and will alternate with your recycling (yellow lid) bin service.  Your general waste bin will continue to be a weekly service on your normal collection day.

What CAN I put in my GO bin?

Garden waste – grass clippings, garden weeds, leaves, fallen fruit, flowers, light pruning, bark chip, twigs, branches up to 10cm in diameter and palm fronds (cut to fit into your bin).

Please go to our website for a full list of acceptable and unacceptable materials.

What CAN'T I put in my GO bin?

Plastic bags or biodegradable liners, soil, rocks, treated timber, building waste, tree stumps or prunings wider than 10cm in diameter, animal droppings and wastes, terracotta and plastic pots, soil bags, plant tags, string and hoses and garbage.

This service also does not accept food waste.  Please go to our website for a full list of acceptable and unacceptable materials.

So, can I put pet waste in the green bin?

Well, YES you can put pet waste (animal droppings, dog poo, kitty litter,etc) in the green lid bin!

BUT remember we need to keep the contents of the bin plastic free and compostable. This means you will need to be mindful that pet poo bags have the AS5810 or AS4736 symbols on them, or wrap them in paper or mingle with grass clippings and other garden waste loose in the bin.

Kitty litter can not be the synthetic type and plastic kitty litter tray liners can not be put in the bin. Plant based kitty litter will  also have the AS5810 or AS4736 symbols on the packet.

compostable code symbols
What is happening with my general waste collection service?

Nothing.  Your general waste and recycling collections will remain unaffected by the introduction of your new GO bin service.

 See more FAQs on our FOGO home page