Get your bins set up right

Set up the bins.JPG

The most common unwanted items going in both the green lid and yellow lid bins is bagged waste. The large black bin liner is certainly how we used to do waste back in the day, but those days are now long gone.

It is no longer environmentally or financially viable to manage our waste like this. So if you arrive at your wheelie bin with a large bag of mixed waste, then we need to work with you on your kitchen bin set up. Whilst every kitchen is going to be different, there are some common practices and tips:

  1. Colour code your kitchen bins to match your kerbside bins (we can provide stickers on request).

  2. Get all members of the household involved - collect 10c eligible containers & save up for a treat!

  3. Soft scrunchy plastic bags, wrappers and packets can be taken to Coles & Woolworths, (you will be amazed how much of your waste stream is soft plastics when you start separating it out).

Refer to the demonstration kitchen that Kelly, our Waste Education Officer has set up. Pretty simple and easy once you start!