Events and Educational Resources

Waste Education Events and Resources


Calendar of Events

March 3            Clean Up Australia Day

March 29          Lakes Creek Road Trendy Trash upcycling demo      

March 30          Alton Downs Transfer Station Open Day                   

April 6               Bajool Waste Transfer Station Open Day

May 4               Golden Mount Festival stall

May 11             Southside Library Compost Workshops

June 1              Gracemere Waste Transfer Station upcycling demo

June 2              Heritage Village Antique Festival 

June 12-14       Rockhampton Show Stocklands Stage Presentations     

August 10         Rocket Science (National Science Week)

August 28         Good Neighbour Street Campaign           

September 14   Tropicana

October 19-20   Garage Sale Trail

November 9      Southside Library Recycling Workshops    

November 11-16   National Recycling Week


Primary & Highschool Guest Speaker/ Site Visit opportunity

To learn about local waste management, primary and high school teachers within the Rockhampton Region can request a classroom or site visit - please provide us with your curriculum topic or assessment questions beforehand. The Education Officer will talk to students about waste types and what goes in which bin, how the kerbside wheelie bin collection service works and what waste management facilities are available throughout the region. Recyclables are a key message, with the above video used to explain how they are sorted and why we need to improve their quality through reducing contamination. 

Site tours are available of the Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility, which includes a visit to the Trendy Trash store and use of the Education Centre on site. Transport to and from the facility is arranged by the school - please advise your bus company of your intention of a site tour on dirt roads.

To request a visit or speaker, go to the Customer Forms page and fill in the Waste and Recycling Education Presentation Request Form.

Please note all bookings are subject to changes in weather, availability of staff and on site operations.



  1. Little Black Book of Recycling(PDF, 5MB)
  2. Party Planners Guide to Composting(PDF, 4MB)
  3. Recycling Fridge Magnet
  4. Wheelie bin collection services brochure(PDF, 2MB)
  5. 2019 Recycling week calendar(PDF, 211KB)
  6. Waste Transfer Stations in the Rockhampton Region(PDF, 663KB)
  7. 2019-2020 Fees and charges plus things to know before you go to a Waste Management Facility(PDF, 963KB)
  8. Removal and transport of Asbestos for Domestic use(PDF, 415KB)
  9. Removal and transport of Asbestos for Commercial use(PDF, 438KB)


Where does your recycling go?

The recycling truck empties your yellow lid wheelie bin each fortnight and takes your recyclables to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) located right here in Parkhurst, Rockhampton.  Check out the video below to find out how your recyclables are sorted out at the MRF.

Follow the adventures of the Recycling Heroes below and how they recycle right to wipe out contamination!