Critters crashing your compost conga

To completely break down organic matter like food and garden green waste into nutrients that plants can absorb, and to do this quickly, many different organisms are needed.

A compost pile or garden bed is a whole ecosystem creating this nutrient cycle so that plants can grow.

These decomposing organisms can be invisible to the naked eye like bacteria or large enough to see like worms and bugs.

Challenge #5: Can you identify critters in your compost or garden?

Wear gardening gloves and gently dig in your garden bed or look under the lid of your compost pile or worm farm.

You could take photos or temporarily catch bugs to identify them - use these compost critter identification sheets(PDF, 557KB)

To encourage beneficial fungus, bacteria and insects into your compost, locate the compost in a semi-shaded place, keep it moist, cover with a lid or canvas and aerate every second day. 


Do the conga 'cause you just completed a Compost Conga Challenge!!!
Compost conga line worms