Take care with your bin

Keep your bin clean

To reduce smells and keep flies off your bin, try;

  • Keeping the bin lid closed - flies can't lay their eggs
  • Storing the bin out of direct sunlight in a well ventilated area
  • Putting liquids or sloppy food waste in your compost, not in your wheelie bins
  • Wrap and freeze smelly items like prawn shells until your general waste bin day
  • Hose out and disinfect your bins after collection

There are local company's who provide bin cleaning services for a small fee, find them in your local directory.

Seasonal fallen fruit

Spoilt, green or rotten fallen fruit like Mangos, we typically collect in our yards over the summer season, can become too heavy and smelly for our General Waste wheelie bin. Have you tried;

  • Composting your fallen fruit at home
  • Fill your General Waste wheelie bin less than half full with fallen fruit - staggering the quantities week to week will keep the weight of your bin below the 85kg limit the Garbage Trucks can lift

Be storm ready

In wind and rain your wheelie bins could find themselves blown down the street or full with soggy smelling rubbish.
Keep bin lids closed, tie bins down, or if empty - fill them with a little water so they don't roll away.

Wheelie bin misuse

Council's Local Law No. 8 (Waste Management) 2018, outlines the use and care of a waste container. Go to the Local Laws web page to view this law and for further information.

Any issues relating to a person who is not residing at that address, found rummaging through wheelie bins which are located within private property boundary's, should be referred to the Queensland Police Service. Or if the bin is located on the kerb at the time of the rummaging, please contact Rockhampton Regional Council's Local Laws team on 1300 22 55 77.

Wheelie bins should be in place no longer than 24 hours before or after the scheduled collection day for the collection of waste. If left longer, complaints will be investigated by Rockhampton Regional Council's Local Laws team.