Bin Services

Your bin day may be changing

From Monday 11 April, your bin day or recycling week may change due to a recent review of kerbside collection routes.

To check your bin day and recycling week from Monday 11 April, use our bin day search tool or call Customer Service on 4932 9000. 


For a quick tutorial on how to use the bin day search tool take a look at the below video. 

If you need to report a missed collection head over to e-Services to report online or get in touch.  

If you need to find your current bin day, search your street address on the My Neighbourhood page

As recycling wheelie bins are collected fortnightly, your property is scheduled as either Week 1 or Week 2. Use the Recycling Wheelie Bin Fortnightly Service Calendar(PDF, 274KB) as a helpful reminder of which week we are up to.  

Collection information 

Residents receive a weekly general waste collection service and a fortnightly recycling collection.

Find out what can be put in your general waste and recycling wheelie bins.

Wheelie bin information is also available in this Wheelie Bin Collection Service Brochure(PDF, 2MB).

Charges and services

Got a question about waste collection and bin services? View the following information about service charges, what to do for a missed bin, additions to your bin service and bin repairs. 

Waste and recycling service charges

Waste and recycling service charges for domestic and commercial customers are listed in Council's Revenue Statement within the annual budget, look under Utility Charges.

Missed bin collections

If your bin was presented correctly and you did not receive your scheduled collection service, please contact us or report through e-Services within one working day to arrange a missed service collection.

Upon approval of your request, your bin will be serviced within the next two working days.

Adding to your bin service

Adding a one off additional mobile bin collection

  • Must be paid up front, prior to the scheduled collection date
  • Domestic properties can only receive the extra collection on the same day as their current service.

Adding a temporary wheelie bin service

  • Must be paid up front, prior to the scheduled collection date
  • Available only to those who already receive a yearly service
  • Available for a period of two weeks up to three months.

Adding a brand new wheelie bin service for a new property

  • Charges will be included in your rates notice
  • Must be located within a declared collection area.

Adding an additional wheelie bin service for the year

  • Charges will be included in your rates notice
  • Available only to those who already receive a yearly service
  • Residents renting a property must have their form submitted by the property owner or Real Estate agent.

Cancelling your bin service

Domestic and commercial customers may request to cancel a service or additional bin - charges may be incurred accordingly.

Bin collections and services can be cancelled by completing and submitting the Mobile Bin Kerbside Collection Services Form to one of Council’s Customer Service Centres. A minimum of 10 working days is required to cancel the service, upon receipt of the application. Charges will cease from the date the bins are removed.

Cancelling a domestic wheelie bin service

  • The minimum service of one waste and one recycling bin must remain for a domestic residence, OR
  • The domestic premise must be declared as an uninhabitable dwelling by Council, or demolished.

Cancelling a commercial wheelie bin service

  • Must submit proof with the application that an approved waste removal entity has been engaged to replace Council’s waste service
  • If recommencing the service an establishment fee will be included in the rates notice.


Bin repairs and replacement

If your wheelie bin is either stolen, removed, vandalised or is damaged, please contact Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling. 

Please contact us  or use  e-Services to organise the repair or replacement of a wheelie bin.

Bin service assistance

Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling provides an assisted service to residents who are unable to place their wheelie bins out for collection due to medical conditions. The service includes the retrieval and return of the bin from an agreed location within the property boundary.

To receive this service, please provide us with a current medical certificate/letter from a general practitioner or medical professional indicating that you are unable to place the mobile bin out for collection. An updated medical certificate/letter must be provided each financial year for ongoing services.

The assisted service will commence within ten working days of the application being approved by the Council.

Please contact us should you wish to submit an application.

Outside a bin collection area

Some residents who live are outside of the designated collection area and do not receive a kerbside waste collection service. You will need to transport your items to your local waste facility. Locations and facilities and what you can and can’t drop off can be viewed on our factsheet.